Family Law Attorney in Jasper, Alabama

When you think “family law,” your mind may immediately jump to divorce. However, divorce is just one of many kinds of cases in which you may need a family law attorney. On this page, you’ll learn about uncontested vs. contested divorce, child custody, child support, paternity actions, juvenile cases, and dependency actions. I handle these matters and more throughout Walker, Winston, Fayette, Morgan, and Marion Counties.


I am very experienced when it comes to divorce. In fact, since 2010, I have handled over 500 divorce cases.

Getting Started

Being divorced myself, I know what an ordeal going through a divorce can be. I can help guide you to a peaceful solution. If, for example, an uncontested divorce is an ideal option for you and your spouse, I will guide that process in the most amicable and stress-free manner possible.

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

Despite what the film industry would have us believe, many marriages meet their end by relatively peaceful means. Each spouse agrees that the time has come to move on, and they go about their separation without much drama or turmoil.

Of course, there are divorces at the opposite end of the spectrum — why else would so many TV shows convey so many screaming matches across the negotiation table? Regardless of whether or not your marriage is ending on good terms, though, you should know that there are two avenues for you and your spouse to choose from:

  • Uncontested Divorce. Often referred to as “simple divorce,” this option requires that you and your spouse sit down and hash out your own terms of separation outside of court. If you can manage to do that, you will likely save yourselves a great deal of time, money, and stress. When I represent you through this process, my role is to advise you and guide you through your uncontested divorce. I can only represent one party in an uncontested divorce so that I will not have a conflict of interest. I will handle all document preparation and the parties will sign all the documents at my office.
  • Contested Divorce. If, on the other hand, you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, you will have to have a trial and the court will decide all the issues regarding your divorce. Although this option is not ideal, having an experienced lawyer can still make a big difference in terms of how well you come out after the divorce is final.

Since 2010, I’ve handled over 500 divorce cases

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Child Custody

When it comes to your children, emotions will run high. Fortunately, a good family law attorney can help to keep both sides focused on what truly matters — arriving at a child custody arrangement that is in the best interests of your children.

Child Support

Child support disputes are not at all uncommon during or after a divorce. If you need to establish or update a child support award, don’t hesitate to give me a call.


In Alabama, adoption is actually handled in the probate court. For those individuals seeking to adopt a step-child or a child they are caring for, I certainly want to help you.

Juvenile Matters

If you need representation in juvenile court, I can help you. If you are seeking custody of a child or need to file an action to protect a child, I can provide you the assistance you need.

Family Law Attorney in Jasper, Alabama

Although my law firm is based in Jasper, you’ll find that I’m extremely accessible to clients through the counties of Walker, Winston, Fayette, Morgan, and Cullman. Even better — my connections with local judges and courts can only benefit your case, whether it involves divorce, child custody, adoption, or another matter. Reach out today to set up a consultation.