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If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, one key factor can help you determine whether to file a personal injury claim: who caused the accident. In Alabama, you must prove that the other person is 100% at fault. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hold them financially responsible. In the legal world, this system of determining fault is known as “contributory negligence.”

Of course, physical injuries are only one kind of personal injury. Read on to learn about both the physical and non-physical types of personal injury claims you could file.

Physical Injuries

Everyday accidents like car wrecks are what most people envision when they hear the term “personal injury.” Throughout Alabama you can file a claim for any of the following, so long as the accident led to an injury and someone else is at fault:

  • Auto Accidents. This includes car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other scenarios that involve a vehicle.

  • Trucking Accidents. If an 18-Wheeler has hit you and caused your injuries, call me so that we can seek compensation for your injuries.

  • Slips and Falls. Don’t underestimate the injuries that can result from slip and fall accidents. When another person or business is responsible for creating the unsafe conditions which caused you injury, contact me to find out whether you have a case.

  • Wrongful Death. One simple mistake or act of negligence can cause you to lose someone you love. Filing a wrongful death claim can not only help you get closure, but it can also protect others from experiencing the same loss.

  • General Negligence. The above types of cases are just a few examples of personal injury claims. In essence, whenever another person’s negligence causes you harm, you should take steps to hold them legally and financially responsible.

Whether or not you believe you have an airtight case, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Using my experience, determination and knowledge of the law, I can work to give you your best chance at a successful outcome.



Other Types of Claims

  • Defamation. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” This may be a catchy saying for kids, but we all know better. Often, words can cause more damage to a person’s well-being than any injury ever could. Not only could a damaged reputation cause embarrassment to the person in question, but it could legitimately cause them long-term injury to their business and employment prospects. If someone has made a false statement about you, and it has caused injury to your reputation and/or business, call me to discuss a potential defamation suit. Remember, slander is defamation which is spoken, and libel is defamation which is written.

  • Wrongful Termination. If you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer, you might be entitled to money damages for wrongful termination. Let me help you.

  • Workers’ Compensation. If you have been hurt at work, you will probably have a workers’ compensation claim and be entitled to compensation. I can help you protect your rights.

  • Church Sex Abuse Cases. If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by a priest, preacher, or other worker of a church, you have a civil claim for money damages and should contact me immediately so that I can help you get justice.

  • Medical Malpractice. Were you injured because a doctor or medical provider failed to treat you properly? Call me to discuss your case.

If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.


Based in Jasper, Alabama, my firm is available to handle your personal injury claim no matter where you live in the state. Contact me today to learn more about your options regarding a physical injury, a wrongful termination, or an instance of sexual abuse by a church worker. I will do everything in my power to help set things right so you can move on with your life.